Hi: Thank you for passing by Aboriginal images! I offer to you some photographs that illustrate life on First Nation reserves located in remote areas of northern Ontario, Canada - communities that are accessible all year by aircraft and by winter road, when the snow and ice conditions permit. I share these photographs with the blessing of my First Nation friends who live in the Far North, on these reservations.

So few Canadians are aware of the reality of living in these remote areas. Therefore, the intent is simple: raise awareness about the challenges and joys experienced by First Nation people living on, and near, reserves in the remote parts of Ontario, Canada.

Some people in the photos have passed on. The photos is not to offend culture and traditions, but show community life, decision-making process, and other community activities.

The photos tell many stories. Perhaps more importantly, the photos tell a story about a future - a future that differs from the past.

I am not an Aboriginal person. The images I photograph are coloured by my world view, although greatly influenced by the reflections shared with me by my First Nation friends.

I am a geologist by training and a retired leader of the Ontario Geological Survey. My hobbies are photography and wildflowers. As part of my pre-retirement job, I worked beside members of several First Nation bands located in northern Ontario, Canada.
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